Our Ethos

The aim of Frinton & Walton Youth Football Club is to provide safe, supervised and high-quality football coaching and activities for children and teenagers in the Frinton and Walton area.

We aim to help to develop all players not only as footballers, but also as young citizens within the Frinton and Walton community.

This will be achieved by improving both their football abilities and their life, personal and social skills.

All players will be given the opportunity to improve these skills through education, friendships, teamwork and football.

The objectives of Frinton & Walton Youth Football Club are to:

i) Provide a high-quality football experience in a safe and friendly environment that puts child welfare and protection paramount

ii) Maintain a management structure that ensures the club is well-run, sustainable and fulfils its objectives and policies

iii) Make football enjoyable for our players, while encouraging the development of their skills and proficiency in football through a structured and progressive coaching programme

iv) Teach the concepts of teamwork, commitment, accountability, sportsmanship, loyalty, honesty and pride

v) Stimulate community interest and participation in football and in the football club

vi) Accomplish this without adult ambition for personal glory and without a “winning at all costs” ethos.


To learn more about how you can join today we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to helping you start your fitness journey.

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Our Team

Club Managers

Mini Kickers: David Ross

Under 7 Blues: Daniel Welsh

Under 7 Reds: Gary Henderson

Under 8 Blues: Jay Law

Under 8 Reds: Tierney Lucas

Under 9 Blues: Rachael Kilby

Under 9 Reds: Billy Chance

Under 10:  Matthew Williamson

Under 12 Blues: Frank Bollu

Under 12 Reds: Dan Fox

Under 13: John Wright

Under 14: Rob Sykes

Under 15 Blues: Dexter Hawkes

Under 15 Reds: Barry Brooks

Under 13 Girls: Aynsley Davidson

Under 14 Girls: Dave Wren

Under 16 Girls: Ben Pratt

First Team: Chris Halls

Club Officers

Chairman: Aynsley Davidson

Vice-chairman: Barrie Diplock

Club Secretary: Lisa Ursell

CDYFL Secretary: John Higgins

Treasurer: Andy Hockey

Child Welfare Officer: Hayley Hockey

Assistant Child Welfare Officer: Anna Davidson

Fixtures Secretary: Lisa Ursell

Football Development Officer: Ben Pratt

Assistant Football Development: Dave Wren 

Assistant Football Development: David Ross

Procurement Officer: Gail Diplock

Life President: Darren Doyle 

Life Vice-President: Mick Collins

President: Aynsley Davidson